Cost vs Savings

Majesti-Fi deliver cost effective, fully managed, secure global mobile data roaming solution to international travellers and companies.

We ensure that our customers obtain the best value for money and the fastest Internet connection possible in order to maximising your productivity globally.

We achieve our results by providing our clients with:

• Fixed international global data rate
• A global pool of data to share amongst users
• The flexibility to design data plans based on your company and employee data needs
• The central management of devices and expenditure with our data and cost reporting module
• A dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service
• Your monthly electronic bill sent as an invoice, so we do not demand credit or debit card details or any deposit.

With Majesti-Fi

we will make signing up for Majesti-Fi simple. We will monitor your bills constantly, making sure you continue to get the best deal. We will continue to work to add new countries and lines to increase global coverage and will make it clear to you when you are not covered as part of our network. We will speak to you about how we can help you use the internet globally in the way that best supports your business needs.
With our solution you can be sure of no bill shock, your Majesti-Fi device will remain cost effective. We will ensure your service is secure and simple to use. We will also offer you 24/7 support – should the unusual happen – and you cannot connect.

We understand that your destination will influence the cost of your data roaming charges. There are some packages that default to the charges of a certain country’s data charges and there are some mobile data packages that include tariffs for some countries in your data allowance. Some networks will charge per MB and others will give you a day rate. We realise that this makes the tracking of data roaming charges impossibly confusing. Moreover, we are aware how frustrating it may be experiencing slow and unprotected connection when you need it the most!

We simplify the data roaming charges for you. Our devices automatically find the best deal for your company. We design some bespoken packages. We will put effort into understanding your travel itineraries, data usage habits and wants and customize WI-FI package to your needs.

We understand that signing up to a contract can leave you feeling vulnerable to the pitfalls of the mobile data industry. You can end up straying into countries not covered and being surprised by an excessive bill. You could find yourself vulnerable to data hacks. You could find it impossible to use the technology, with no hope of support outside normal business hours.

Data Thirsty?

We understand that many of our clients will require a lot of data to fulfil business activities when travelling. Data thirsty activities can cost thousands upon thousands of pounds. Our clients have exciting technologies at their disposal across the world but do not use it for fear of the cost implications to the business. This suggests potential loss of opportunities and therefore loss of business. If the technology is essential but the data charges prohibitive – you are missing out on the chance of doing the best for your company.

We will recommend the device that compresses data in the most efficient way to ensure your data charges are the lowest they can be. Imagine you are travelling to the Middle East – or maybe the US. Your data thirst could cost you up to £6 per MB. Using Majesti-Fi we can reduce this to pence MB, depending on the package you select.