About Us

About Majestic Ventures Group

Majestic Ventures Group provides an International Data Roaming Solution with global coverage in 140 countries with a flat roaming fee and increased levels of security. We guarantee to provide a strong international data roaming experience and support functionality for international travellers. Providing a capacity and the ability to access international mobile operators’ networks, our objective is to deliver services and technologies which exceed expectations. Simple to use; truly ‘plug and play’! MVG is ensuring users can increase their levels of productivity, reduce their operational costs while improving their levels of data security.

It’s acknowledged that over 80% of all data usage originate outside of an office environment. Given the inherent coverage, security, privacy and cost issues travellers experience while travelling. It has become increasingly difficult and costly to use your home data provider abroad.

Our network has negotiated with more than 320 global mobile operators to obtain access to their core data networks to create the world’s first 4G patented a Virtual SIM technology platform.

Unlike Unlicensed MVNOs that operate a white labelled service while retailing MNO services., Majesti-Fi’s solution is legal and supported by the words largest MNO agreements, allowing access to the full services offered by global network providers. Majesti-Fi is registered by Ofcom to provide its services on a global level and to access all the UK Mobile Operators networks.

Majesti-Fi is integral to the philosophy of Majestic. It is part of the technology and business operations which form the Majestic way. Along with MajestiIT, Majesti-Call and Majesti-Fi, Majestic provides components within the full range of services that can be tailored to you and your business.

Majestic is an official Global partner operating in China, Europe and the US for the data sharing platform and apparatus utilising our patented cloud data multichannel communication terminal. The cloud data service is provided thanks to a partnership between the Networks Service Platform and Majestic.

Majesti-Fi works in a Majestic way. This means a dedication to excellence. We aim to be an essential business tool and the ultimate global partner for your company. The Majestic way focuses on maximising efficiency and profitability for our clients, whether they are global banks, luxury resorts or top telecommunication companies.

The Majestic Partnership provides global services thanks to the strategic positioning of international offices. The headquarters is in London. There is a Research and Development centre in Hong Kong and Shenzhen Software Industrial Base. Our EU office is in London, UK and we have a South African office in Durban. At each of Majestic offices you will enjoy complete technical and customer service support, for partners, and for our clients.