Unlimited, commitment-free SIM plan

Making the most of mobile, its as simple as that. Network agnostic, Low costs, straightforward plans, transparent pricing, and UNLIMITED.

It is our mission, keeping connecting Simple, Honest, Mobile, Data on the go, Where ever you go. Powered my Majest-Fi, Vodafone and O2 Majesti Mobile provides a choice of networks at one fixed rate. Tailoring your service to keeping is simple honest.

Key benefits

Incredible coverage

Majesti Mobile is an agnostic network provider, you choose who your network operating tis approach we grantee maximum coverage networks covering 99% of the population (indoor) and 99.5% (outdoor).

Keep your number

No one enjoys sending hundreds of texts to tell their contacts they’ve got a new number, so it’s Majesti fi to bring your old number with you.

Simply order your SIM & request a PAC code from your current network. Once you’ve got your code.

Our SIM breaks down into these 3 sizes:

All plans include

  • 1 month plan, cancel anytime
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK
  • No credit check
  • Fast 4G & 3G data
  • No speed caps
  • Ability to restrict services at your fingertips.
  • Unlimited UK standard calls and texts.
  • Catch up with friends, family when ever and where ever you want, NO CATCH

Its like having and contract with no fine print

Because your SIM is paid for in advance, you can enjoy your data allowance without worrying about an unexpected bill.

But you also have the same peace of mind you get with pay as you go: there’s no credit check, no minimum-term contract, the freedom to cancel at any time, and the flexibility to add more data whenever you need it.

Data that does not run out

If you run out of data during the month, Not to worry that wont happen ! so you’re not getting stung for buying additional data when you really need it. Giving you the freedom to do what you want.

No need for Calls!

Our SIMs also work with tablets and mobile broadband devices like dongles and WiFi and Mifi routers. Simply choose your plan, with or without calls, and you’re good to go.


Pick a Plan

Go to the SHOP and Pick a plan, Choose you’re the Provider, “Choose the Red or Blue pill Neo”. Choose your plan. Call, texts and Data or just Data. Choose a SIM only plan & pay monthly for your data, calls and texts. Your free SIM will be delivered to you in just 2 business days.


Activate your SIM

Your plan allowance doesn’t start until you’ve activated your SIM. Simply activate via the going to and activate your savings.



You’re now free to chat, text and tether without worrying about going over your limit.


How’s the coverage

Majesti- Mobile connects to 4G, 3G and 2G network wherever it can. See coverage map

Can I keep my Number?

Simply contact your previous network provider or text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to get a code valid for 30 days. This won’t disrupt your service. We’ll walk you through steps to enter this code to transfer the phone number you want to keep.

Call Charges, running out of Data

If you run out of data, YOU WONT ! –

To standard UK landlines and mobiles, and roaming within EU countries. Call and text your friends and family as much as you want. No catch.

Tariffs will be available through your Majesti portal page.

Let me tether when roaming

Yes. If you’re travelling in the EU, everything works like home. Data comes out of your monthly allowance or data add-ons. Please see our price guide for information on our Fair Use Policy.

Outside the EU, you need to add an “Out of plan” add-on. See the prices where you’re going. This can be set when activating your SIM .

How can I contact you

Our team are available to chat online 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week (excluding Christmas and New Year’s Day Bank Holidays). To contact us by phone, email, WhatsApp or via the website.

Does calling abroad work

You can now use Majesti mobile to make calls to other countries from the UK. International calls and texts are charged

Can I use my plan when I travel?

You can now use your plan abroad. In the EU it works like normal up to 25GB. Outside the EU, or to call internationally, just let is know what you need.

All plans come locked down and added benefits added when you need them.

Can I read more on pricing?

Everything you need to know about our: prices, discounts, offers and add-ons if you’re a customer of ours.

Unlimited no restrictions

Unlimited 4G & 3G Data Calls and text in the UK and EU*

No contract, no credit check, no exit fees and plans direct from Vodafone and O2.

No speed restrictions: Simple plans • No Fuss

Introducing Unlimited Data from Majesti Mobile. Now you can get unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts for the same price!

No limits, no worries: Worrying about your data allowance will be a thing of the past.
Total freedom: Do what you love for as long as you like, without having to hunt for Wi-Fi.

Welcome to your unlimited world, on our best ever network.

Check out our before you choose an Unlimited plan.

Sim only deal you’re after, you can choose your network a from £30 a month. No length contracts (30 days’ notice needed for cancellation)