How it works

It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

1) Switch ON your Majesti-Fi

2) Search for “Majesti-Fi wi-fi” connection under your wi-fi settings

3) Enter Majesti-Fi password provided

4) Connect

Quick Start Guide
4G Reliable Connection

Majesti-Fi’s Cloud SIM platform supports and reflects a relationship with over 320 mobile operators world-wide!

In each country under Majesti-Fi’s coverage, we have a local relationship with two to four mobile network providers.

Majestic’s relationship makes Majesti-Fi’s 4G connection most stable and secured in the world.

Once you switch on your Majesti-Fi, the technology will recognize your location and connect you to Majesti-Fi’s Cloud SIM platform to the strongest signal provider nearby you.

This is an automated process which is seamless while you are on the go, making sure you are always experiencing the best hassle free 4G connectivity.

Money Savings

Majesti-Fi’s mission is to deliver premium quality technology by local rates to small, medium and large Enterprises world-wide in most simple and hassle-free matter!

If you are a frequent international business traveller, then Majesti-Fi is a perfect travel companion.

Don’t sacrifice your usage freedom and flexibility by swapping to a local SIM or a local mifi solution for every country you travel to, reach out for one device for the entire world – Majesti-Fi.

Instead of opting in with your mobile provider and experiencing painful bills for every additional 50MB, reach out for one Majestic fix and transparent fee that is not compromised by a cap, surcharge or a poor connection quality!

Majesti-fi increases Client’s mobile productivity while it supports the connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Moreover, one device can be assigned to multiple accounts (users), and therefore there is no need for a Client to have several mobile plans opted with roaming services.

Majesti-fi is an extension to Clients monthly mobile plans which eliminates extensive roaming charges and delivers quality and security of the private connection anywhere in the world.

We travel globally pay locally.
Get in touch and let us analyse your Majestic savings for you.

Global Coverage

Aland Islands, Albania, Austria, Belgium , Bulgaria , Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hungary , Iceland , Ireland , Italy , Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malta , Monaco , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russian Federation , San Marino , Serbia , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland, Turkey , Ukraine, United Kingdom , Vatican City(The Holy See)

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia , China , Hong Kong , India , Indonesia , Israel , Japan , Jordan , Kazakhstan , Macao , Malaysia , Maldives ,mongolia , Nepal , Pakistan , Philippines , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , South Korea , Sri Lanka , Taiwan , Thailand , The Lao People’s Democratic Republic , United Arab Emirates , Vietnam , Yemen ,guam

Algeria, Angola, Egypt , Ghana , Kenya , Mauritius , Morocco , Nigeria , South Africa , United Republic Of Tanzania, Tunisia , Western Sahara , Zambia

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil , Chile , Colombia , Ecuador , Peru , Uruguay , Venezuela , Barbados

Canada , Mexico , Panama , Puerto Rico , United States, Guatemala, Nicaragua, The Republic Of El Salvador, Costa Rica


This is a general list and is updated periodically.

The international coverage includes access to traditional operators within those countries.

Majesti-Fi includes all licences and connections through our Cloud SIM platform with a minimum of 2 mobile operators across the portfolio of countries.

Travelling frequently to a country which Majesti-Fi doesn’t cover?

No problems, kindly let us know and we will add it to our coverage list for you within 30 days (conditions apply).

Privacy and Security

Keep your corporate data safe!

Fully GPRD compliant solution, we do not collect our market your personal data.
There is no need to agree to third party terms and conditions as in public internet access points
The Majesti-Fi provides security on multiple layers to the user, which is not available through the traditional mobile phone solution.

The image below shows diagrammatically how this is achieved:

WPA2/PSK 256bit encryption, using CCMP as encryption protocol. CCMP provides:

Data confidentiality; ensures only authorized parties can access the information
Authentication; provides proof of genuineness of the user
Access control in conjunction with layer management
Replay protection ensures users or hackers cannot rerun historical data.
Encryption key is refreshed every 10 minutes in background between smartphone and device.
This limits the time that a hacker has to access the device.
The username and password can be changed and managed.
The device swaps between SIM’s within a network and between networks, making it “untraceable” to the carrier.
Through the interface of the device is to possible to manage who is connected at any time and block unrecognized users.
No information is held as to the types of data consumed or sites viewed. The only element we log is the country and the volume of data used.

SIM free

Your travelling experience will improve highly once you try out the Majesti-Fi. It is deliberating not to think about needing to find and swap local SIM every time you travel to another country.

Moreover, Majesti-Fi’s SIM free Cloud SIM features ensure flexibility to your daily work routine while you simply have the freedom to use your gadgets as within your office or a home country.

In addition to usage freedom and flexibility, you may rest assured that all your data usage is not being tracked or available for a hack!

Majesti-Fi’s SIM free WIFI guarantees 100% privacy and security!

See more under privacy and security.

Consumption Transparency

Real Time Management Tools (RTMT)

Even though Majesti-Fi’s Team and Customer Service support handle all Client operational processes, access to the real-time management which tracks the usage is usually not required- real time management tools are available upon Client’s request, the same as the API and any additional RTMT tools.

With Majesti-Fi you will have full control over your data usage and visibility of your cost on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

A cost-effective global data roaming solution.

Majesti-Fi is a revolutionary 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot solution and a ground-breaking project to provide the world’s first SIM free 4G global Wi-Fi.

This is an effective product for business and leisure travellers worldwide.