Majesti-Fi IOT

Energizing your IOT business and creating new opportunities

Majesti-Fi is about to energize your IoT business by delivering unparalleled pricing, cutting edge technology and maximum simplicity. This helps our customers to deploy their IoT solutions faster and more cost-effectively while enabling a whole range of completely new IoT use cases, previously considered too expensive, too complex, or too unprofitable.

Best Network: 50+ Patent, Advanced VSIM allocation algorithm.

Standard Interface: Mini PCIE, Support Interface: USB, GPIO, UART, SPI, etc..

SIM Free: Reduce fault point, Easy to manage

Unified Manage, Flexible Billing: AT Command Set, OTA, firmware upgrade, Flexible Billing

Multiple OS: Support Windows, Linux OS

Full Network, Full Band: FDD LTE, TDD LTE, WCDMA, GPRS


Operating a fleet of commercial vehicles is all about information. Whether you run passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or heavy machinery – to know where your fleet’s vehicles are currently located, in what condition they are and how they are being used, is the prerequisite for successful business.

Connecting vehicles to the IoT is about managing and coordinating thousands of objects. Thus, optimizing connectivity costs and maintenance efforts is crucial to successfully run vehicle telematics.

Adding Connex connectivity to your products makes them a gateway for innovation and additional services – allowing you and your customers to generate new revenue streams.

Global Connected

Tracking and protecting your most valuable assets has never been easier. Adding IoT connectivity allows you to remotely track your equipment and valuable assets, enabling your business to reduce risk, save money, and create new revenue streams.

However, to overcome the shortfalls of traditional ways to manage your asset tracking solution, it is crucial to choose the right connectivity solution.

Click and Connex

You have everything in place to start your smart asset tracking solution but you struggle finding the right connectivity to match it?

With Connex Embedded Connectivity you are now able to directly integrate IoT Connectivity as a default feature into your product and sell it as pre-connected device.

One in the tank

Connecting sparsely distributed storage tanks to the IoT is a prerequisite to enable remote monitoring and management of tank levels and flows – allowing companies and their suppliers to improve their inventory management, optimize their workflow planning and better meet safety standards. Beyond those quick wins, adding connectivity to your storage tank, is the key to a whole string of new revenue streams along the tank monitoring value chain such as maintenance, upgrades, support and consultancy bundles.

Making cities Smarter

Smart bins are among the building blocks of every smart city. Connecting your bins and dumpsters to the IoT, allows you to monitor and optimize the frequency of waste pickups and thereby helps municipalities and disposal companies to reduce traffic, noise and congestion, fight illegal dumping and meet sustainability goals.

But beyond municipal waste disposal even greater potential exists for IoT-based solutions in the area of industrial waste management, especially in the area of wastewater and hazardous waste disposal.